Park is easy.

You can turn the radio on, sit back and relax, maybe even watch a movie these days—all while sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling a sense of control. But we don’t get anywhere in park. We aren’t going forward, we aren’t seeing new things, we aren’t encountering new opportunities. We’re just…stuck. If a car is defined simply as “a vehicle designed to move people,” then—by definition—a car in park isn’t really a car at all. It’s not doing what it was created to do.

Drive is where the magic happens.

When you shift from park to drive, the engine engages, the wheels turn, and forward progress begins. In drive, we experience the road. And it’s on the road where real encounters happen with real people, whether those encounters are comfortable or not. We could define the Church the same way as a car: a vehicle designed to move people. If we’re just sitting in park, it’s impossible to do everything we’ve been created to do.

At ReChurch 2017, we’re going to explore the Church in DRIVE—the excitement, the possibilities, and the pitfalls. We’ll address the fear that keeps us in park, get out on the road, and just maybe get a fresh look at how we were created to drive.