Workshop 1 - Thursday, 2:45-4:00p.m.

Six Trends Affecting the American Church and How to Prepare.

Led By John Dickerson

Based on his book The Great Evangelical Recession, John will present six key responses that we—the Church—can and must have to our rapidly changing culture. With the skills of an investigative journalist, this information is based on thousands of pages of research that John did to uncover the primary trends most impacting evangelical Christianity.  

Stronger Leaders…Fostering a Culture of Godly Leadership

Led by D. Mark Miller

Everything we read today talks about either leadership competency or leadership character. However, there are also “core” issues that shape us as leaders and set the course for the kingdom lives God intended us to live. We will explore the practices necessary to foster a culture of godly leadership in our churches.


Led by Scott Heller

The statistics of ministry drop-out are staggering, often because the gap between preparing for ministry through a college education and actually being in ministry is too wide. Our LeadNow program officially launched in 2015 to further develop students so they can launch their ministry careers healthier and stronger. Learn how your church can easily employ a LeadNow strategy. 

A Stronger Succession

Led by Gary Johnson

Dairy products, meats, and produce have expiration dates, and so do we. Everyone has a shelf-life. Gary will present an overview of best practices for leaders to follow in replacing themselves. This workshop is of particular help for senior ministers and elders. 

Creating a Robust Benevolence Program

Led by Marcie Luhigo & Team

We will provide practical ways to enhance or create your own benevolence program. We will discuss The Creek’s Generous Buckets program and how we use it to build relationships with individuals in our community through education and mentorship. This practical workshop will provide access to forms, systems, and processes.

Marriage & Family, Anything BUT a Program

Led by Eric Denney

Programs are wonderful tools for ministries, but it’s relationships that lead to transforming community. Are we trying to help Marriages & Families with programs or relationships?

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Led by Wendy Herrberg & Susie Howard

Join us for an interactive challenge to assist you and your congregation in embracing two essential truths. First, pain has a purpose. Second, you cannot take people further than you are equipped to go. Discover your own pain tolerance as a leader and how to help strengthen others by assisting them in finding purpose in their pain.

Soul Mending: Rest for the Weary

Led by Laura Dingman

As leaders in the church, rest can be a struggle. Burnout finds its way into our relationships with God and with others. There is hope: a way to restore margin and rest that will infuse life into our souls. Let’s discover together how we can be strong enough to finish well. 

How To Disciple Someone: An Unexpected Curriculum

Led by Jason Yeatts

We recently taught some of the people at The Creek how to disciple someone using Philemon as our curriculum. We think this short book provides a great “how-to” discipleship model. Come and learn how. 

When you help families, leaders, and staff understand the purpose behind everything you do in student ministry, together you can celebrate God’s handiwork in the lives of teenagers in your community. 

A Stronger Vision for Student Ministry

Led by Chad Monahan