Workshop 2 - Thursday, 4:30-5:45p.m.


Led By John Dickerson

Based on his book The Great Evangelical Recession, John will present six key responses that we—the Church—can and must have to our rapidly changing culture. With the skills of an investigative journalist, this information is based on thousands of pages of research that John did to uncover the primary trends most impacting evangelical Christianity.  


Led by Shan Caldwell

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” As Christian Leaders we have an obligation to both live out and to teach Biblical Peacemaking to those within our sphere of influence. Our first step is to know what these biblical principles are. 


Led by Scott Heller

Learn how to create stronger relational bonds between your congregation and mission partners. We will also share our strategy for creating stronger short-term mission teams. Ultimately, we have a lot to learn from each other to become stronger in our Global Outreach efforts.

Stronger Vision…Principles for Visioning and Strategic Planning

Led by D. Mark Miller

Vision is more than having a good idea and strategic planning is more than creating a program. There are several principles that are essential to discerning God’s vision and capturing a strategy for accomplishing that vision. In this workshop you will learn those principles and how to implement them in your church. 

What Do We Measure Now? The Impact of Transforming Relationships

Led by Jason Yeatts

We will first explore how transforming relationships change the way we measure success in the local church. We will then examine how this shapes the way we practically do ministry day-to-day and weekend-to-weekend. 

Stronger Elder & Staff Teams

Led by Gary Johnson

What word best describes Elder-Staff relationships in your church: striving or thriving? Drs. Jim Estep, David Roadcup and Gary Johnson will share insights from the book of Acts on best practices for Elder and Staff teams to enjoy healthier and stronger relationships that are God-honoring. 

Why Your Church Must Build Intergenerational Relationships

Led by Seth Bryant

The church is the body of Christ and we need EVERY MEMBER functioning properly to be healthy. Unfortunately, the statistics show that nearly 50% of high school graduates walk away from their faith in college while 43% of older adults experience social isolation. This workshop is about why we need each other and how to integrate generations to fulfill the vision in Ephesians 4:12-13.

Stronger Volunteer Relationships = Stronger Ministry

Led by Alison Scott

Let’s talk about creating stronger volunteer relationships to help improve programming.

The Power of Intentional Discipleship

Led by Tom Harrigan

Jesus spoke to the masses, performed miracles in the sight of many, and healed the crowds. But...with only three years to launch a movement Jesus spent MOST of His time with an inner circle of close friends? Huh? This workshop will explore the why’s and how’s of developing an inner circle of authentic and transparent relationships. 

Soul Connection: Spiritual Practices for LeadeRs