ReChurch Workshops

Aren’t workshops, like, the best part of a conference?

Don’t get us wrong…we love the main sessions. They’re big and fun and inspiring.

But it’s in the workshops where the rubber meets the road.
It’s in the workshops where you get to hear from people who are plugging away each day, doing the same things you are.
It’s in the workshops where you get practical advice.
It’s in the workshops where a conversation might happen that can change the way you think or the way you approach a problem.

At ReChurch this year, we have workshops for everyone. Whether you write sermons, recruit volunteers, run bulletins, or lead the next generation (Can anyone help me with an ‘r’ word there to keep this alliteration alive?), you’ll find workshops that will help you in ministry.

That’s really what ReChurch is all about. We just want to help you do ministry the best way you can. God has given us all an opportunity to reach people. And if one of these workshops can help you do that a little more effectively, then we’ll all celebrate together what God is up to.

ReChurch 2018 - Registration is Open

O man! It's an exciting day. Registration is open for ReChurch 2018, which means we're one step closer to spending a couple days with you!

Join us this year at ReChurch as we explore ONE with all its joys and possibilities. We're going to learn what it means to be one. We can't wait to see you.

Get your discounted tickets today.

Early bird registration - $89 (a savings of $30 per ticket)
Student registration - $59

Check out a listing of workshops. Main session topics will be released soon. 


Main Session 3 Preview

David in neutral.jpg

During the four main ReChurch sessions, we're going to learn about park, reverse, neutral, and drive. And we're going to learn about each one from a king who was very familiar with the road.

In session three, we'll look at the king in neutral. David was in a tough spot: he was leading the army, married to Saul's daughter, best friends with Saul's son...and hated by Saul. To make things more interesting, he had been anointed long before, set apart to be Saul's successor.

When Saul revealed other plans (aka - kill David and keep the throne in his family), David could have said, "Enough is enough. I have God's blessing and I'm going to implement my own plan (aka - kill Saul and take my rightful place as king)."

But he didn't. He put his life—maybe you could say his destiny—in neutral. He paused and waited on God to enact His plan. It couldn't have been an easy choice, but he had enough faith in God's will that he persevered.

David chose the path of perseverance, humilty, trust, and odedience. Will we choose the same path?

ReChurch 3 Day Sale - $20 Off Registration

ReChurch is less than a month away, and we're getting pretty excited! We hope you'll be joining us because it just won't be the same without you.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to come to ReChurch this November 2 & 3, maybe this will help you make the decision:

From Tuesday to Thursday this week, we're offering a 3 Day Sale on Individual Registrations, which will save you 20 bucks! Until Thursday at midnight, the cost will be discounted to $99.

In order to get the $20 discount, use Promotion Code 3DAYSALE when registering.

Special Hotel Rates

Looking for a hotel for ReChurch? We have partnered with three in the area that are offering special ReChurch rates.

Reserve your room today and mention "The Creek - ReChurch Conference" during reservations.

Hampton Inn
7045 McFarland Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone 317-889-0722
Two Double beds             $99.00

Candlewood Suites
1190 N. Graham Road
Greenwood, IN 46143
Queen Suites      $89.00
Double/Double Suites     $99.00

Best Western
4450 Southport Crossing Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
Double Suites     $79.99

Main Session 1 Preview

During the four main ReChurch sessions, we're going to learn about park, reverse, neutral, and drive. And we're going to learn about each one from a king who was very familiar with the road.

David was faced with a huge (in more ways than one) predicament. He stood face-to-face—no, he stood face-to-belly-button—with a real live giant who was threatening God's people. He could have, like every Israelite soldier, turned and run. But he didn't. 

David was able to stand up to the giant he was facing because he had decided long before the battle that he would park in God's reality. He had drawn a line, a line that ran straight through the core of his being, and said, "I'll give everything for God's glory."

What giant are you facing? Are you getting strength from being parked in God's grace or are you in park because you're paralyzed by fear?

We hope this year's ReChurch, on November 2 & 3, will encourage you to stand on the goodness of God and allow it propel you forward.

Main Session Brainstorming

We did some brainstorming for our Main Sessions and thought we'd share a few thoughts we're kicking around. A cost of creative brainstorming: you might have to stand on your head to read some of these.


Some of our goals:

  • To remind you that Jesus has given you your license to drive
  • To help you recapture the excitement you first felt when you started ministry
  • To remind you that your ministry is part of Jesus' ongoing ministry
  • To have a good time


If those goals sound good to you, or if some of the phrases on the images describe you, we'd be honored to see you at ReChurch 2017 on November 2 & 3.

Is Pre-Conference Right For You?

Maybe your team is planning to come to ReChurch, but you just can't decide if you want to spend an additional 20 bucks on Pre-Conference. Let's see if we can help you make that decision.

If you:

  • want methods and strategies in particular areas...
  • want to ask questions about ministry issues you're dealing with...
  • are interested in sharing with and learning from other churches in conversations...
  • are curious about how we approach different situations...
  • want to learn about methods and practices we've found useful...
  • want to learn about methods and practices that have failed...

...maybe Pre-Conference is for you. 

These sessions (Thursday morning, 9:30a.m.–1:00p.m.) will focus on best practices, methods, and lessons we've learned within these areas of ministry:

  • Next Generation

  • Preaching

  • Worship

  •  Elders-E2

  • Pastoral Care

  • Missions

  • Discipleship

  • Technology

  • Operations

  • Communications

  • Administrative Assistants

The sessions cost $19 (lunch and materials included). When you register for ReChurch, you'll have the option to register for the Pre-Conference sessions. Space is limited.

Early Bird Registration Ends Soon--Get your Tickets to Drive!

ReChurch 2017 will be here before you know it!  


At ReChurch 2017, we’re going to explore the Church in DRIVE—the excitement, the possibilities, and the pitfalls. We’ll address the fear that keeps us in park, get out on the road, and just maybe get a fresh look at how we were created to DRIVE

We wanted to remind you that ReChurch 2017 Conference ticket prices go up after Labor Day. Snag your ticket before the price increases! After Labor Day, tickets will increase to $119, so don't miss out! 

Current Conference Pricing until Labor Day: 

  • Pre-Conference: $19.00
  • Early Bird Special: $89.00
  • Student Pricing: $59.00
  • Early Bird Exhibitor Pricing: $89.00

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Check out the list of workshops we have for you for this year's conference. For more information about the conference, visit the ReChurch Conference website.

Driving Lessons at ReChurch 2017


Who’s a good driver? Pretty much everyone, if you ask them. The AAA (American Automobile Association) published a survey in February, and it revealed that 83% of drivers consider themselves better or more careful than other drivers on the road. 

Does that survey speak to us? Does it parallel ministry? If we took a survey, would we consider ourselves better or more effective leaders in the church? 

At ReChurch, we are a gathering of people who admit that we don’t know and can’t do everything. We admit that we need one another and are better together. We take to heart what the Apostle Paul wrote: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”  (Phil. 2:3-4)

Join us for DRIVE this November 2-3. Take part in the conversation. Help us help one another to move the Church forward. We refuse to move in REVERSE or to remain in NEUTRAL. PARK is easy, but DRIVE is where the magic happens. 

As in years past, all are welcome at ReChurch. There are discounts available to students and for your team of five or more. For conference details, visit us at:

Be bold. Stay faithful.

gary signature.jpg



Gary L. Johnson, D.Min.
Lead-Servant at The Creek

Driver's Ed

Do you remember Driver’s Ed? Long classes in a hot classroom throughout the summer, learning about signs, turn signals, safe stopping distances…all in anticipation of getting behind the wheel of the classy sedan with the giant “Student Driver” warning signs plastered all over it.
Wasn’t it great to get your hands on the wheel? To be the one in control? But without the classroom work – the ‘thinking’ work – the driving part would have been useless.
At ReChurch this year, we’re going to do a lot of both. Our workshops and main sessions will focus on the ‘thinking’ work of ministry – how to lead yourself and the others around you better. In our Pre-Conference on Thursday morning, we’ll get behind the wheel of a variety of ministries. That’s where we’ll share practical, hands-on lessons that we have learned…sometimes the hard way, like the time we learned that stop signs aren’t optional or that cops take 25 mph school zones quite seriously.

Registration is Open

ReChurch 2017

Park is easy.

You can turn the radio on, sit back and relax, maybe even watch a movie these days—all while sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling a sense of control. But we don’t get anywhere in park. We aren’t going forward, we aren’t seeing new things, we aren’t encountering new opportunities. We’re just…stuck. If a car is defined simply as “a vehicle designed to move people,” then—by definition—a car in park isn’t really a car at all. It’s not doing what it was created to do.

Drive is where the magic happens.

When you shift from park to drive, the engine engages, the wheels turn, and forward progress begins. In drive, we experience the road. And it’s on the road where real encounters happen with real people, whether those encounters are comfortable or not. We could define the Church the same way as a car: a vehicle designed to move people. If we’re just sitting in park, it’s impossible to do everything we’ve been created to do.

At ReChurch 2017, we’re going to explore the Church in DRIVE—the excitement, the possibilities, and the pitfalls. We’ll address the fear that keeps us in park, get out on the road, and just maybe get a fresh look at how we were created to drive.

ReChurch 2017 - Registration is Open

Registration for ReChurch 2017  

Check out some of the details planned for ReChurch 2017. 

Early bird catches the worm - register now for a great discount! 

Early bird registration - $89
Student registration - $59
Pre-Conference - $19

Join us this year at the pre-conference as we share best practices within your ministry, roundtable discussions, and lunch! Check out all of the areas of ministry we will be discussing.