“One" can mean a lot of things.

It can mean loneliness. And sometimes in ministry, loneliness may be exactly what we feel as we go day-in and day-out doing our tasks, preaching, planning.
One can also mean priority or singularity in purpose. It can define what’s most important to us.

Maybe most importantly, it can mean unity. There's incredible power in the number one when we learn how to unleash it, and when we learn how to make the most of it. One is how we were called to live. When Jesus prayed for His Church, He prayed that we would be one; not just with Him, but also with each other.

There is one Vine and one connection to Him. And when we pull our strength from the one Vine—when we keep our eyes on our source—then we grow in power to be able to shape our communities, change our people, and change the kingdom of God. And we don't just grow in power, but in humility, unity, and courage.

So...what are your number ones? What are the priorities in your ministry? How are you feeling the unity that happens when we're bonded to Jesus and bonded together by Jesus? How can you bring unity to your congregation?

This year at ReChurch, we're going to explore the number one with all its joys and possibilities. We're going to learn what it means to be one.