This is the full list of workshops that will be available during the conference. A full schedule will be coming soon. 

from drive to neutral

What Rest and Sabbath means for Leaders in the Church

Led By Shan Caldwell

How does a church staff member observe Sabbath when they work on Sunday and they get ready for Sunday on Saturday? How does the church leader make a day of Sabbath look different from the other six days of the week? For most, the Sabbath doesn't look any different than any other work day and it certainly isn't set apart for spiritual meaning or rest. As a matter of fact, guilt is the overriding emotion when rest is taken. How did we get here and what can we do to allow God to reclaim the Sabbath in our lives? 

Resolving Workplace Conflict

The work of the Christian leader in both the church and non-church world.

Led by Shan Caldwell

Christian leaders are commanded to handle conflict in a very different way than the world, yet Christians encounter conflict in both the church and away from the church on almost a daily basis. What methods of conflict resolution work best in the workplace and what is the responsibility of the Christian leader in those conflicts.  

Drivers Training 

Partnering to be generous.

Led by Student Ministry Team & GO! Ministry Team

GO! Ministry has such a great base for our students to serve our community. Rather than reinventing the wheel for our students, we partner with activities that the Go! Ministry already is doing. We bring our students right alongside some of our adults outside of our student ministry to represent Jesus to our community. Easy. Practical. Encouraging.

Shifting into Drive

Effective Elders Affect Change

Led by Gary Johnson, Jim Estep & David Roadcup

This workshop is designed specifically for elders of the local church. It will challenge elders to make three essential changes in the way they lead--changes to structure, function, and meetings. E2: Effective Elders often receives questions as to what elders are supposed to do, how meetings can become more effective, and how the church/eldership shouldbe organized. Jim, David, and Gary will explain why and how these three changes must be made and the potential benefits that can result.

financial fuel for ministry

Raising Dollars vs. Raising Disciples

Led by Gary Johnson & Kevin Hart

Many churches struggle operationally because they struggle financially. Leaders need to raise disciples if they hope to raise dollars. People who mature spiritually are more likely to give financially. This workshop will describe the four changes that must take place in the church if giving is to increase: 1) teaching stewardship, 2) helping people heal financially, 3) celebrating (i.e., story-telling of victories), and 4) asking for a commitment.

What Fuels Your Ministry?

Framing Today's Ministry with a Timeless Foundation

Led by Emerson Kennedy & Chad Tucker

How do you effectively do ministry in a culture that is post-Christian, consumeristic, ever-changing, busy, and self-serving? We are given the demanding challenge to reach people of various generations, various backgrounds, and various beliefs. Whether you are new to ministry or experienced, you have to ask, "What fuels my ministry?" In this workshop, we will discuss how lasting change comes from standing on an eternal foundation.

Surviving Overdrive

Creating Sustainable Rhythms for Life in Ministry. 

Led by Matt & Laura Dingman

Ministry is never done, but we, as humans, have limits. How do we meet the needs of those in our care without burning out? How can we lead well without neglecting our own souls? What does it look like to create sustainable rhythms for rest and renewal so we can continue to do the work God has called us to do? 

What drives you

How Your Personality Affects How You Lead. 

Led by Laura Dingman

God wired us in specific, unique ways. He gave us distinct personalities, but those personalities affect the choices we make as leaders as well as the ways we engage those we lead. We all bring different perspectives to our leadership as well as difficulties or sin patterns that stifle our ministries. 

Shaping Leaders Who Can Take the Wheel 

Led by Mark Miller

Churches of all sizes throughout our country are concerned about the need for an effective leadership pipeline in our churches. Everyone is looking for a new map for training and equiping leaders. However, the path has already been given to us--we have just chosen to take another route. In this workshop we explore the ancient pathway for leadership formation.

Strategic Execution Drives Healthy Churches 

Led by Mark Miller

Most great strategic plans run out of gas on a road of good intentions. In this workshop we will drive from the principles of strategic thinking to the route of strategic planning and finally arrive at the intended destination which can only be assured with a plan for strategic execution.

Hope for Hard Places: When Detours & BreakdowNs Threaten the Journey 

Led by Susie Howard

Many in your church and community encounter the hard places of life-job loss, divorce, addiction, grief, disease, discouragement and more. The detours, breakdowns, and crashes associated with these challenges can incite a hopelessness that threatens their journey. Even when life's circumstances seem overwhelming, we can help people effectively navigate through a dark season. 

Invest in Alignment--Driving Change Will Be a Smoother Ride 

Led by Marcie Luhigo

This workshop will give a strategy for creating alignmnet and then execute change. The workshop is applicable for those leading the team or those leading up. The premise will be how to create discussions, facilitate education, and land on a vision for change. Then some strategies for how to implement and follow through with leadership and volunteers.

Recruit A Racing Team--Partnerships in Your  Community

Led by Marcie Luhigo

This workshop will help churches catch a vision for serving in and working with their community. They will learn how it helps accomplish vision and builds their influence in the community. They will get ideas of who to partner with and how to partner.

Driving in Traffic: Navigating through Change, Criticism, and Ministry Potholes

Led by Tom Harrigan

Every ministry/church deals with issues arising from change (or a need to), critics, and challenges that result from working with people. This workshop will seek to normalize those issues and provide directives to help leaders prepare themselves to navigate successfully to maximize influence and effectiveness. 


Led by Tom Harrigan

Driving while distracted is always dangerous. Lives are at stake! Leading a church while distracted is just as dangerous! Eternities are at stake! In this workshop we will discuss how we can keep our eyes on the road and remain “mission driven” in our ministries.

Learn Your 5 Gears and How to Use Them

Led by Kevin Hart & Brock Pickett

When you don't understand the 5 gears of productivity, you can spend a lot of time spinning your wheels. There is an appropriate time to reflect, relax, or get stuff done. This session reviews a book that can change the way you approach your work and your relationships. This method has worked well for our team and we want to share it with you. 

DESIGNATED Driver: Who is doing the driving?

Led by Scott Heller

Fear and Control. Affirmation and Mission. These are powerful forces that move us to action. As we lead others to an eternity with Jesus we can often get off track, sometimes for really good reasons. We will discuss how to stay close to Jesus remembering that He calls us to Himself first, then He imprints His love for the world and His mission on our hearts. 

Put the family in drive

Led by the Children's Team

How can we partner with parents to help them win at home? Let's talk about ways to get parents to turn off cruise control.

Gearing the Bible story for Everyone

Led by Amie Shannon

One of the primary purposes of the church is to teach the Bible to anyone who walks through our doors. In this session, learn practical and easy tips for how you can set up your classroom, develop lessons and add simple teaching tools to make the story engaging and appropriate for all your students with special needs. 

Compassion without

Engaging the LGBTQ community
with grace and truth

Led by Paulette Stamper

Our culture fully accepts and embraces alternative lifestyles. This acceptance has crept into our churches. How do we  have grace and truth filled conversations with those who struggle with same-sex attraction and/or wrestle with their gender identity? Do we really understand what the Bible says about homosexuality? Are we able to communicate it clearly with compassion?